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  Visit of Mr. Xiaoxi Yang, Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission 2018-09-19
  SAST, SITI Signed Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Donghua University 2018-05-18
  Shanghai Pudong IoT Innovation and Application Alliance Established 2018-05-18
  Workshop for Innovation Collaboration between Chinese and Korean Enterprises: Accurate Docking with Needs and Jointly Propelling Research-Industry Collaboration 2018-01-24
  SITI Organized Smart Light Salon with Shanghai Unicom 2017-09-26
  SAST Vice President Cao Amin Led a Delegation to Visit Covestro 2016-10-21
  SAST Vice President Cao Amin Led a Delegation to Visit Covestro 2016-10-21
  SITI Initiated Project of LED Road Lamp System Integration 2016-10-21
  Exploration of Deep Collaboration and Communication Model – Visit of Prof. Alister Jones, Senior Deputy Chancellor, University of Waikato, New Zealand 2016-10-12
  Golden Meditech (China) GEO Visited SAST 2016-10-12
  Zhongheng Company Developed Public Credit Information Platform 2016-05-17
  Ex-Minister of Aviation and Aerospace of China Mr. Lin Zongtang Visited 3D Printing R&D Service Platform 2016-05-17
  No.50 Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Held a Seminar for Military Research Institutes 2016-05-17
  Shanghai Nanotechnology Promotion Center Participated the Organization of “2016 Seminar on Nano-Pharmaceutical Technology and Industry Development in Shanghai” 2016-05-17
  Professional Technical Service Platform of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Center Kept Sustainable Development 2016-05-17

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