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Computer Science and Technology
. System software, application software
. Various low power smart system integration and smart building engineering
. GC system gas chromatograph,M series traffic signal controlling machines
. Computer peripherals
. Plasma physics (X ray laser, researches on material properties under high pressure, etc.)
Electronics, Communications and Auto-control Technology
. Special cables, cable spectrum management and testing
. Microwave, shortwave, ultra-shortwave technologies, broad frequency band microwave devices
. Electronic reconnaissance location system, communication jamming technology, high-speed signal sorting and processing
. Metal, non-metal mine detector, impurity detecting
. Wireless monitoring technology
. Automatic controlling machines
. IC designing
. Wireless sensing technology (The Internet of Things)
. RF cables, special cables and components
Ship and Oceanic Engineering
. Overall designing and testing of ships
. Development of Special auxiliary electromechanical equipments
. Researches of dynamic mechanics (e.g. Diesel engines on ships) and manufacturing
. Designing and researches of oceanic platforms and underwater robots
. Underwater acoustic detecting equipment
. Researches and manufacturing of water-jet propulsion system for ships
. Underwater target characteristic measurement technology and development of measurement equipments
. Underwater low frequency sound generation technology and development of sound sources
. Self control, dust cleaning and water supply for boilers Material Science
. Surface and interface, failure and protection
. Metal materials, inorganic non-metal materials
. Organic polymer materials, composite materials
. Magnetic materials, powder metallurgy
. Testing and analysis technologies
Green Technologies
. Processing technologies of waste water from industry and domestic sewage
. Sea water desalination, high-purity water purifying equipment and auxiliary devices
. Processing and utilizing technology of water oil, waste matter and waste gas
. Vibration damping, noise reduction and sound proofing technologies
. Membrane separation technology
. Green agriculture technologies
Photo-electronics and Laser Technology
. Optic fibers and cables
. Optical passive devices
. Laser functional elements
. Laser processing, laser medical treatment, laser testing
. Laser display and storage
. Optic fiber and cable sensing
. High-power laser drive overall technologies and key unit technologies
. Nano-imprint Lithography
Energy Technologies
. Energy-saving technologies such as thermal energy utilization
. Heat pump, heating tube technologies
. Thermal insulation materials
. Energy development planning
. Vertical axis small wind turbine technology
Dynamic and Electrical Engineering
. Dynamic mechanics
. Micro/Special motors
. Power station, power generation system, transformer
. High precision servo devices
. Ironless permanent magnet motor technologies
Mechanic Engineering and Mechanic/electric Integration
. Hydraulic component and controlling technologies
. Automatic transportation machines, intelligent tunneling equipment
. Automatic production line, flexibility testing technology, yard equipment
. Intelligence meter, equipment and facilities for wire and cable production 
. Air conditioning and refrigeration technology 
. Policy researches, economic development strategies, system reform and development consultation
. Corporate planning, market research
. IP service and consultation
Biology, Medicine and Hereditary eugenics
. Factors effecting laboratory animal quality (environment, heredity, virus, etc.)
. Family planning and healthy reproduction with researches on clinic pharmacology of obstetrics and gynecology
. Fertility regulation drug toxicology
. Development of immunity contraception vaccine  
. Growth of germ cell, mechanism of major birth defects
. Novel family planning/healthy reproduction drugs and tools
. Pre-labor efficiency and safety evaluation of new drugs
. Prevention mode of venereal disease/AIDS
. Mechanism of fertility regulation molecular
. Mechanism and prevention technology for reproduction system diseases
. Reproductive malfunction (Infertility and birth defects)
. Development of bioinformatics including information collection, processing and application, related software development and system integration
. Hereditary Engineering Technology and Development of Disease Mode in Animals
. Stroke prevention, testing equipment, epidemiology, fundamental theories, prevention medicines
. Genomics
. Medical genetics
. System biology
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