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       Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology (SAST) is a research cluster of 40 units with more than 9600 staff including 9 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) or Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and more than 7700 professional technicians engaged in research and development of innovative applied technologies and related services to the society.
       SAST researchers are the main force for the research and development of applied technologies and services in Shanghai. Main research fields include computational science, ship and oceanic engineering, electronic communications and auto-control technology, photo-electronics and laser technology, material science, mechanic engineering and mechanic/electric integration, dynamic and electrical engineering, energy, biology, medicine and hereditary eugenics, green technology, physics, management, etc. In the cluster of SAST, there are 38 laboratories, 26 testing and analysis centers, 3 post-doc mobile station and research stations, 14 doctorate programs, 30 master programs, and joint-cultivation bases co-established with 4 institutions of higher education in Shanghai.
       With the goal of “expanding largely in the short-term, fulfilling with actual projects in the mid-term, and growing strong in the long-term”, SAST aims at the high-tech industry chain especially “technology on the back track while industry on front track” and continuously explores new ideas and measures of reforms and developments. With the guidance of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the administrative management of Shanghai Municipality, the CCP committee of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the administrative management of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, SAST set up an innovative system of research and development of applied technologies with SAST in the center, and is, by following the requirements of the government to the science and technology development of the city – “racing to control the commanding point of science and technology, cultivating economic growth and serving the areas closely related to the life of the people”, coordinating and integrating the innovative sources of applied and technologies in Shanghai, establishing a few open and innovative platforms and trying to be the key organizer, supplier and leader of front-line technologies, generic technologies and technical services in Shanghai.
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